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Please note that, as a business that supplies services to other essential businesses or essential services within Ontario and Canada, Concept Marketing & Promotions Inc. will remain open during the current Covid-19 pandemic. While our office is closed to the public, we are still available to work with clients and manage their marketing and promotions needs.

Change makes opportunity. Like never before, people are at home, on their computers, hungry for information. Now is an excellent time to reach them with your company's message. Contact us to find out how to get the most of this opportunity.



About Us


Established in 1993, Concept Marketing & Promotions Inc. (CMP) is a full-service firm, providing marketing tools and solutions to some of Canada's largest companies.


From simple web and social media upgrades to complete marketing campaigns and national distributions, CMP provides experienced advice and the peace of mind knowing that when you work with us, the results will be better than you expect.


Contact us today for a free consultation. We'll make you look good.



Individual marketing elements are powerful tools, but when elements are combined and coordinated, the whole is far more powerful than the sum of the parts. For example, a web site works with social media platforms, paid advertising and CRM (client relationship management) applications to generate leads and drive sales. Each element enhances and supports the other elements to achieve an objective.

Examples of coordinated campaign objectives include:

  • growth / increase leads / increase sales

  • branding / re-branding

  • product or service launch / re-launch

  • education and training

  • corporate standards implementation and upkeep

  • community involvement and charity

  • on-line profile enhancement

CMP plans and manages coordinated campaigns, so that all of the elements come together exactly when and where they should, to achieve the maximum benefit.




Printed products are an essential part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Concept Marketing & Promotions' vast network of printers, and our attention to detail, will ensure your jobs turn out perfect every time.


Product packaging protects and promotes your product. Concept Marketing & Promotions will help you select and implement the best packaging options, providing the maximum benefit at minimum cost. Contact us to find the best packaging options for your product.


From simple set-up and content creation to complete artwork portfolios, Concept Marketing & Promotions will help you develop and implement an effective design strategy.


Your website is the core of your on-line identity, but it doesn't stop there. Your social media, link building, and content generation all combine with your site to create your on-line presence.


Bringing all of the pieces together into a concise package and getting it to your clients at the appropriate time is critical to your marketing success. It's also one of our specialties.


Every advertising and publicity initiative has an objective and a return on investment. Concept

Marketing & Promotions will help you plan and target your campaigns to meet your objectives and get the highest returns.


Reward your clients and staff while promoting your brand. It's a win-win. Concept Marketing & Promotions will help you select and brand the best gifts.


Whether you need a budget proposal, an allocation plan, or just some experienced advice, Concept Marketing & Promotions will help you get the most value for your marketing dollar.


With the right tools and support, your presentations will be informative, entertaining and compelling. Concept Marketing & Promotions will ensure that your presentations and trade shows are a hit.


"We want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are highly pleased with our working association with you. Though the deadlines are sometimes tight, you always manage to meet them and to maintain RBFG's quality standards."

Claude Azuelos

Manager, Translation Department


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