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About Us

Concept Marketing & Promotions Inc. is a full-service marketing and promotions firm, providing communications tools and solutions to some of Canada's largest companies.



In 1993, three financial industry professionals left their respective positions and joined forces. Their mission was to create a company that would serve a great need for large corporations.

The Need

Centralized communications processing inevitably creates backlogs and wait-times that often jeopardize project effectiveness. To be effective, project managers need an alternative path, allowing them to bypass wait times and meet project targets.

The Company

For three decades, Concept Marketing & Promotions Inc. has served the needs of project managers, helping them get things done quickly and achieve their goals.

We provide services with critical attention to corporate standards and compliance, confidentiality and privacy, and cyber security.

We have built a reputation of reliability, by delivering what we promise, when we promise, no excuses.

Contact Us to find out how our experience and reliability can work for you.

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