About Buyer Packages





Developed specifically for your buyer clients who have firmed-up a purchase,
buyer packages start on Closing Day, with a “welcome home” gift and card,
followed by scheduled gift & card deliveries throughout the year,
and concluding on the one-year anniversary of the purchase.

Gifts and cards are thoughtful and appropriate, with minimal branding,
and are meant to be received as though you selected them yourself.

Gifts and cards are sourced locally (local to your clients) when available.,
with purchases made in your name, so suppliers know that you support them.

Gifts and cards can be sent directly to your clients,
or they can be sent to you, for personal delivery.

Gifts and cards are focused on subtle but repetitive requests for referrals.

You and your team receive detailed email notifications when gifts are being delivered,
to facilitate timely follow-ups.

Place or update orders and view past orders 24/7/365, via the White Glove Client Services web portal.


Options to extend a 1-year package into a 2-year package are available.


Packages for sellers and other referral sources are available.

Gift Selection and Customization

While the gift options outlined below are our best recommendations, we will gladly customize packages.
If you have a customization request or a gift suggestion, please let us know
in the Special Instructions area for the applicable gift.

With customization, we will endeavour to adjust the package contents to fit the package price.
When  customization necessitates an increase in price, you will be required
to approve the change before the order is processed.

When  customization necessitates an increase in price and the URGENT option has been selected,
the package will be considered approved at the adjusted price.

When the package expires, you will receive a detailed receipt,
showing itemized costs for gifts and services.

We deliver true marketing value by providing top-quality gifts and services.
We do not carry an inventory of gifts; each gift is selected for your client on your behalf.

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