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Event Fulfillment Services

Concept Marketing & Promotions Inc. helps companies and organizations get the most out of their events, by making sure their teams have tools they need, when they need them.

Our Event Fulfillment Services are perfect for:

Corporate Events  /  Client Events

Trade Shows  /  Conferences

Contests  /  Competitions  /  Sporting Events

Music & Entertainment Events


The key services for event fulfillment are:

  • Produce and collate equipment and material.

  • Deliver equipment and material to the proper venue, on schedule.

  • Coordinate return of equipment and unused material.

  • Assess and inventory returned equipment and material, and store in warehouse for future use.


Contact us to find out how our event fulfillment experience can work for you.


Concept Marketing & Promotions Inc. has built a reputation of reliability, by delivering what we promise, when we promise, no excuses.

Why work with us?

"We want to take this opportunity to tell you that we are highly pleased with our working association with you. Though the deadlines are sometimes tight, you always manage to meet them and to maintain RBFG's quality standards."

Claude Azuelos

Manager, Translation Department

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